Duluth GA Home Dehumidification Systems

Excess humidity in a home or commercial building can be very detrimental to the home or building itself. It can cause the building to rot and can attract bugs and other pests. Excess humidity can also be very detrimental to the health of the inhabitants of the home or office building. Excess humidity inside a home or building promotes the growth of dust mite populations and mold. Both dust mites and mold are significant allergens and can trigger rhinitis and asthma.

Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor in the air. All homes, especially homes in southern climates, need humidity control to keep the air and the home itself healthy. In southern states, including Georgia, humidity can be a problem all year round.


The humidity in a home can be measured using a device called a hygrometer. This device is sometimes referred to as a “humidity sensor” or a “relative humidity indicator.” Signs that your home may have too much humidity include the following:

• Allergic reactions

• Mold in the bathroom(s)

• Wet stains on the walls and ceilings

• Musty smells

• Condensation on windows

If you notice any of these signs in your home or commercial building, you need to call a licensed HVAC professional and have it checked immediately. Ignoring a humidity problem can lead to more serious and costly problems in the future.

The professionals at ClimateSmith are experts in diagnosing and treating humidity problems. We are a customer focused HVAC company servicing residential and commercial clients in and around Duluth. We enjoy protecting the homes, buildings, and the health of our customers. Please contact our Home Dehumidification Systems Technicians at ClimateSmith so that we can help you address the humidity problems in your home or commercial building. We look forward to working with you.