Duluth GA Air Conditioning Repair

Are you and your family wilting in the summer heat because your air conditioning system runs constantly but can’t keep your home cool enough? Or maybe your air conditioner does not run at all! Call ClimateSmith, the Duluth air conditioning experts that you can count on for fast, professional air conditioning service.

Your system may just need to be serviced or it may be time for a new air conditioning system. All heating and air conditioning systems need routine servicing to operate properly. Over time, a small leak can cause the refrigerant pressure to drop. In addition, dust, dirt, and pet hair can clog filters and coat the evaporator. The outdoor unit can also be clogged with leaves or dirt, the compressor can be failing, or the fan may be broken.

Duluth GA AC Service

No matter what the cause is, you can rest assured that the experienced NATE certified ClimateSmith service technicians will be able to quickly troubleshoot your system and find the problem. They will explain your options and provide you with a full estimate of the cost of any necessary repairs.

If it is time for a new air conditioning system, your knowledgeable ClimateSmith technician will be happy to help you choose the type and size system that is right for your home. Choosing the right size system will ensure maximum comfort for your family with the lowest energy costs.

Air Conditioning Service in 30096 & 30092

To save energy with your current system, ask about our system efficiency analysis. Our analysis of your air conditioning system can help you save money on air conditioning costs while increasing your comfort level and maximizing the life of your air conditioning system. Call ClimateSmith today to schedule a free home consultation.