Duluth GA Ductless Mini Split

A cost effective, energy saving alternative to central air conditioning, a mini split air conditioner is a choice worth checking out the next time you want to add air conditioning to your newly remodeled residential or commercial property or just want to add air conditioning to an individual area of your home or business.

Installing Mitsubishi mini split units only.  We only service Mitsubishi mini split units we have previously installed.

Ductless Air Conditioners

What is a mini split air conditioner?

A mini split air conditioner works much like a central air conditioning unit, but is smaller, more energy efficient, and less expensive than traditional HVAC units. Mini split air conditioning units have an outdoor compressor/conduit and an indoor air-handling unit, just like other air conditioning units.

What are the advantages of mini split air conditioning units?

The primary advantages of mini-split air conditioner are that they are small and flexible, allowing for zoning, heating, or cooling of individual rooms or areas. And, since each unit has its own thermostat, you can regulate the temperature in each individual room to save energy and energy costs as well.

How do mini split air conditioners operate?

These small units use a typical evaporative cooling method that simply filters a large amount of drawn-air through a water-saturated membrane in a heat exchange process that cools that air to create air that is dry at a temperature you are comfortable with.

Mini Split A/C Units

Why select a mini split air conditioner alternative?

Mini split air conditioners are generally easier to install than other air conditioning units as they require a simple three-inch hole from the outside to the inside to attach your outdoor and indoor units. And, these units allow for a variety of lengths in connection conduits, so you can place the outdoor unit up to 50 feet away for your indoor evaporator, giving you many more options for placement than traditional units.

For more information about installing a mini split air conditioner in your home or business, contact our Ductless Mini Split company for an estimate on the installation of your new mini-split air conditioning unit. Serving Gwinnett County, we offer you a full range of HVAC services in addition to mini split air conditioning installation.