Commercial HVAC Maintenance Contracts

The best way to keep the heating and air conditioning system in your office or commercial building operating properly and efficiently is to have regular maintenance performed on your system. It is recommended that you have pre-season maintenance performed on your HVAC system twice a year: in the Spring and in the Fall.

Failure to perform routine maintenance on the HVAC system in your commercial building or place of business can lead to lost productivity, a loss of customers and ultimately, a loss in profits. Additionally, an HVAC system that is not working efficiently can lead to an increase in monthly energy bills for your business. This can lead to costly commercial HVAC service and repair bills. It is also important to protect the inhabitants of your office or commercial building from indoor air quality problems.

AC Maintenance Agreements

The HVAC professionals at ClimateSmith can keep your HVAC system running efficiently and ensure good air quality for the inhabitants of your office or commercial building. Our skilled, licensed, and bonded technicians have years of experience in maintaining HVAC systems. We guarantee quality results and your full satisfaction.

We provide thorough maintenance checks of HVAC systems for our commercial clients, including a system efficienc analysis. During our maintenance checks our licensed technicians perform a complete system operation check in the heating and the cooling modes. If a heat pump is installed, we check the defrost operation. We also check all major components and safety devices. Lastly, we check the duct system.

As part of our routine maintenance, we will clean the indoor and outdoor air conditioning coils. We will also clean the indoor blower housing and blower wheel.

Let Us Service Your HVAC System!

Please contact our Commercial HVAC Maintenance Contracts Company at ClimateSmith today to schedule pre-season or routine maintenance on your office or commercial building’s heating and air conditioning system. We will schedule an appointment for one of our technicians to come to your office or commercial building at your convenience. We look forward to working with you.